Legal Status

CIML Business School is registered in New Mexico USA, as a Global Business School to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate course through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and also through globally affiliated Study Colleges/Centers

Our Programs are validated by accredited universities in Asia, Europe and America. These universities are fully approved by their regional accrediting bodies.
These universities have been recognized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).Also entered into UNESCO’s database of approved universities and appears in its official Directory. As noted on the organizational website, “UNESCO is the only official organ of the United Nations whose mission and mandate embrace higher education.

California University Foreign Credentials Evaluation (CUFCE) is a public and charitable foundation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law. Its major goal is to ensure a rapid integration of all degree holder immigrants into the US community by recognizing their studies and earned credits through the U.S. educational equivalency system. CUFCE normally issues a California University equivalency transcript and diploma of all CIML Business School earned Professional degrees.

About the MBA Program
In the present competitive global economy, those looking to establish a career at the highest level of business are increasingly expected to be complete in every aspect of their field, displaying diverse range of practical skills and the ability to think analytically.
The CIML Business School MBA program seeks to equip graduates with a thorough understanding of the practical elements of managing within international organizations, coupled with learning designed to sharpen an inquiring mind and the ability to apply strategic analysis to complex business situations.
The CIML Business School MBA program provide a balance of management and business courses with leadership-focused topics, often drawing from psychology, sociology, communication studies and other fields. This MBA degree programs allow a great amount of flexibility in curriculum design, with personalization available through consultation with an advisor.
The CIML Business School MBA program is a broad-based and interdisciplinary leadership which prepares graduates for management and supervisory roles across all industries. Graduates may occupy top executive or management positions in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private corporations or other institutions. Some possible job titles include:

Chief executive officer
Director of human resources
Vice president of operations
Executive director
General Manager

COURSES AVAILABLE1. Financial Management
2. Marketing Management
3. Human Recourse Management
4. Management Information System
5. Cost Management Specialization
6. Quality Control Management
7. Operations and Production Management
8. Project Management
9. Hospitality and Tourism Management
10. Logistics & Supply Chain Management
11. International Business Management
12. Industrial Engineering Management
13. Management Accounting
14. Healthcare Management
15. Insurance and Risk Management
16. Educational Management
17. International Management
18. Innovation & Strategy

About the DBA/PhD Program

Many now hold to the proposition that the DBA is to the 21st century what the DBA was to the latter half of the 20th century. Without engaging in that debate it is certainly the case that work environments face challenges without historical precedent. Business and government leaders everywhere are confronted by novel situations for which past theories, practices and strategies do not seem to provide the answers. Change continues to accelerate and the impacts of globalization, at once profound and subtle, affect all institutions and organizations. No longer can leaders be contented simply to apply knowledge, they must lead the generation of knowledge in their own organizations that informs practice and policy peculiar to their circumstances. In other words, business leaders today must be able to lead the conduct of work related research. This DBA is designed to equip candidates with this capability. The CIML International Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offers an option for organizations and individuals looking to improve their business performance through the development of a superior capacity to investigate and resolve organizationally based, while designing and carrying out original research. It equips senior managers with the skills to apply current research methodology to issues of corporate concern and enhances candidates’ research and consultancy skills. The DBA degree program is designed to meet the special requirements of working academic and business professionals who have the motivation to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of modern organizations. The program is designed to serve the needs of capable students, regardless of their concentration. Doctoral studies are designed to permit busy professionals to balance the demands of career and family. Students meet the program’s requirements by completing courses, during weekends, and online work.

Social Impact Management
Global Supply Chain Management
Healthcare Management
Information Systems Management
International Business
Human Resource Management
Leadership & Strategy

CIMS is not allowed to issue degree certificates and so we will arrange to have the course validated by a university on the UNESCO list of approved universities, the approved university will issue its own degree certificate.

Our Issuing University is fully recognized by:


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