What is Chartered Manager CMgr status?
Chartered Manager is all about professional recognition and is the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession.
Chartered status recognizes managers with exceptional management and leadership skills and commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), demonstrating to employers and peers the value of a professional approach that delivers measurable impact.

Benefits for Organizations
Chartered Manager demonstrates that you solve problems and deliver solutions for your organization…
95% say that Chartered Manager demonstrates their use of managerial skills to achieve organizational results 81% say that since becoming Chartered, they have used their managerial skills to lead people and manage change 78% say that since becoming Chartered, they have had a positive impact on the wider team in their organization (such as increased employee engagement)

Benefits for Individuals

  • It will also help you to continue developing your skills across your career.
  • 91% say their self-awareness has increased
  • 81% say their management skills have improved
  • 76% say that Chartered Manager provides the “ultimate competitive advantage”

100% case studies in Human Resource Management, Consumer Behavior, Work Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Capstone Project of 20,000 words.

Duration 3 Months
Fee $1,500