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Q: About the Institute


The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist is a prestigious professional body with...a history dating back to 1996, formerly (Academy of Management Specialist) established with the sole purpose of training, licensing and certifying of managers all over the globe

Q: Accreditation status?

Answer: The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist is approved "Chartered" by the Secretary of State of The State of Delaware (Jeffrey W. Bullock) under Delaware Act, Title 6; Chapter 18 of the State of Delaware statues in the United States of America.

Q:  Requirements for certification or membership?

Answer: Previous Qualifications, Skills and Experience (Q.S.E.)


Q:  Global Status?

Answer: Our Qualifications Are Internationally Recognized

Q:  Do you have a  global presence?

Answer: Yes! With presence in North America, Asia , Europe and Africa

Q:  Strength of memberships ?

Answer: There has been a steady growth in the membership with several hundred applications each year. The total number of members registered is over 10,000, from over 40 countries.















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Chartered Institute of Management Specialist has a large team of dedicated representatives and affiliations with colleges, universities and professional bodies all over the world.

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