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    CIMS has a large team of dedicated representatives and affiliations with colleges, universities and professional bodies all over the world

  • Chartered Institute of Management Specialist

    The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist is a prestigious professional body with...a history dating back to 1996, formerly (Academy of Management Specialist) established with the sole purpose of training, Licensing and certifying of managers all over the globe.

    The CIMS sets out to achieve this by:

    • Being inclusive: the home and the voice of those with an interest in “Business and Management”
    • Being accessible: making the application of management in business user-friendly
    • Promoting contemporary management: raising awareness of the benefits of CIMS for people and organisations
    • Demonstrating best practice: sharing examples of effective management application in the workplace
    • Building capability: enabling the development of knowledge and skills in 21st century management
    • Being sustainable: we operate as a financially sound association

    We are here to validate your Knowledge, Skills and Experience!!!

  • Benefits

    As well as becoming part of growing community of Management Specialist, being a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Specialist offers you a wide range of benefits.

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We welcome membership applications from a wide variety of people. Are you:

  • A fully qualified and practicing business manager?
  • An HR professional?
  • A psychologist from another discipline who works in business?
  • A manager with an interest in applying innovation to your workplace?
  • A management consultant?
  • An OD practitioner?
  • An Executive?
  • A purchasing or Supply Chain Manager?
  • Or simply someone who has an interest in managing people, resources and facilities?

Whatever your background we offer a level of membership to suit you.

Levels of Membership

Doctoral Fellow: A Masters degree holder or a Fully qualified manager with extensive professional experience. In practice this means a minimum of 15 years’ experience as a business manager, able to operate professionally without supervision, as well as having a postgraduate qualification in business management, or equivalent

Fellow Member: An MBA Holder with a decade experience or People who have extensive experience of the use of management skills. In practice, this means 10 years’ experience in a role where the application of principles of management has made an important contribution to your work, an intention to improve and keep up to date your knowledge of management and business, as well as a degree in any field of social & management sciences.

Member: Fully qualified management specialist with a minimum of 5 years working experience. With less experience than Fellow Members. In practice, this means experience of practice as a unit or specialist manager, as well as a degree in any of the social and management sciences, or equivalent

Associate: Managers with no less than 3years or a University Degree or its' professional equivalents.

Corporate Membership: Organizations operating within management practices.

Membership Upgrades

We encourage members to continue to gain both knowledge and experience, and as such we welcome applications for upgrades through the various membership categories.

Additional Information

Please note, we are currently in the process of updating our membership categories in order to reflect a move towards giving more equal weight to the knowledge of management (i.e. a relevant qualification) and the practice of management (i.e. experience). We aim to be an inclusive organisation, recognising that your expertise in this field may have arisen from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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