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    The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist is a prestigious professional body with...a history dating back to 1996, formerly (Academy of Management Specialist) established with the sole purpose of training, Licensing and certifying of managers all over the globe.

    The CIMS sets out to achieve this by:

    • Being inclusive: the home and the voice of those with an interest in “Business and Management”
    • Being accessible: making the application of management in business user-friendly
    • Promoting contemporary management: raising awareness of the benefits of CIMS for people and organisations
    • Demonstrating best practice: sharing examples of effective management application in the workplace
    • Building capability: enabling the development of knowledge and skills in 21st century management
    • Being sustainable: we operate as a financially sound association

    We are here to validate your Knowledge, Skills and Experience!!!

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    As well as becoming part of growing community of Management Specialist, being a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Specialist offers you a wide range of benefits.

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    CIMS has a large team of dedicated representatives and affiliations with colleges, universities and professional bodies all over the world

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Chartered Manager (Chartered Mgr.) is the most prestigious status that can be achieved in the managerial profession and viewed by many as the "Mini MBA" for a fraction of the cost and time. Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Specialist (USA) (Approved by the Secretary of State of The State of Delaware (Jeffrey W. Bullock) under Delaware Act, Title 6; Chapter 18 of the State of Delaware statues in the United States of America, it is recognised throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines.

What are the benefits of Chartered Mgr?

For a professional manager or administrator, the Chartered Mgr. award can provide clear evidence that they possess management and leadership skills to support their technical, conceptual and strategic competency.

The Chartered Mgr. award:

  • Enhances your employability
  • Provides a professional status
  • Demonstrates your managerial competence
  • Increases your confidence and proves you possess transferable managerial skills


A Charter of Distinction: Ethics and Sustainability in Management

  • Chartered Manager is the CIMS senior qualification and chartered professional designation. It is abbreviated as Chartered Mgr. and used as a post-nominal to accredited members in good standing. It provides validation to outstanding adherence to the theory and practice of ethical management and the ongoing development of new methods in the management arts and sciences that focus on sustainability and leadership. It goes beyond academic qualification and provides clients with a benchmark of professionalism and ethical behaviour in business.
  • Holders of the Chartered Mgr. designation will belong to a fellowship of peers that share the CIMS's passion and enthusiasm for the development of leading-edge management knowledge and services to the public.
  • This fellowship of peers is a core resource of the CIMS to maintain its position as USA senior multidisciplinary management association and the voice of the management profession.

Fees: $1000 (US)

Assessment:$50 (US)

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